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Our Work

All our varieties come from the wonderful work of OregonCBD and we are proud to have them as our genetic supplier. We grow a variety of cultivars including CBD, CBG, and CBDV dominant varieties. Other than organic compost, all other inputs used to feed our plants are made with what is on and around the farm. Each plant is individually cared for and tended to ensure a craft product.



Sour Special Sauce

This variety boasts the all famous GG#4 as one of the parents that was crossed to give us this wonderful cultivar. Don’t worry about putting your nose in the flowers, you can smell them from walking by as strong notes of sour grapes and sweet gas hit your nose. The trichrome laden flowers leave your hands sticky to the touch and with a lingering aroma that follows you. This is a CBD dominant, diploid variety. 


White CBG

At first look it seems all you can notice about this strain is the large dense flowers. But with closer inspection, notes of diesel and floral exude off the thick flowers. As with all CBG genetics, the terpene profile is not as loud as the CBD/V counterparts, but it is still rich and appreciable  nonetheless. This variety also has a triploid genome that aids in the plants production of CBG and big buds.



Pine Walker 

Imagine a walk through the Pines and you can start to get a glimpse of what this cultivar smells of. The stems, leaves, flowers, and everything about this plant emits strong notes of pine forests with subtle hues of berries and cream. This variety also boasts a triploid genome, only helping towards the cause of big, greasy buds. This is a CBDV rich variety that also produces respectable levels of CBD.

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