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The GCG Farms


As small farmers, we take care in mindfully growing each plant that we put in the ground. We are a team of a family and take pride in the work we do day in and day out. We hope you notice the GCG difference when you use our products. 


Natural Farming Methods

Mother nature is the backbone and core of our farming methodology. These methods have evolved over the course of millions of years to become what they are today. Aside from organic compost, we make all our inputs on the farm. This goes for everything from liquid fertilizers to microbial solutions. JADAM methods are used extensively on the farm as these are sustainable methods that promote the health and regeneration of our Earth. As farmers, we must be mindful of our environment and make conscious, smart decisions when farming the land. We stride to not take from the Earth, but to ensure its health for the generations to come. This ultimately produces a product of better quality.


Artisanal Batch 

Creating a craft product does not require the large inputs of monetary value, but rather a deep understanding and humble knowledge of life's evolutionary processes and an honest connection to the land. We focus on growing small batches of flower, no more than 150 plants at a time, to ensure our flower is not only cannabinoid rich, but rich in terpenes and flavor components as well. All flower is individually hand harvested, hand-trimmed, and glass cured to assure a great, clean smoke every time. 



We care and are very much aware of the health of our soils and Earth. No pesticides, fungicides, etc. are used on the farm to ensure no damage to our farm's microbiome. No big machinery or fertigating systems are used either as we always aim to keep our Carbon-footprint at a minimum. It is up to all of us to keep our land in great shape to ensure the health of our future. Modern agriculture makes use of chemical compounds and large inputs of energy in the aid of growing. Not only are these methods detrimental towards our Earth, they are not sustainable either. Mother nature grows the most beautiful plants possible.

Our Mission

We aim to create a respectable and reputable brand that farms craft hemp in the most sustainable and green ways possible. Although profits are important, nothing is more important than promoting and protecting the health of our Earth with responsible agricultural practices while providing our customers with some of the most medicinal hemp you can get.

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