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GCG Farms is a natural farm that specializes in the production of craft hemp. Natural farming is a connection back to nature that forgets all modern farming as we know it. As natural farmers, GCG Farms utilizes and integrates the principles of microbial ecology into our organic and natural farming methods to produce a product of high quality - the sustainable way like nature intended. Here at GCG Farms, we do not feed our plants, we feed our soil. By feeding for the health of our soil, an environment rich and diverse of microbial life is created. These microbes are a farmer’s best friend(s) and include a range of microorganisms like mycorrhizal fungi, bacteria, protozoa, archaea, nematodes, etc. These microorganisms and microbes help facilitate many of the necessary physiological reactions that lead to the development of a healthy and vigorous plant. Promoting biology is key in our practices and this in turn helps take care of our plants leading towards a healthy and heavy harvest. We are licensed as Hemp Growers by MDARD, and nothing is for sale.

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A328E6C1-0BC0-43E7-B1FF-D1ACE23F1A22 2.jpg

Compliance First

Compliance is a priority in not only our business, but our products as well. To ensure this, we focus on growing CBG and CBDV dominant varieties that are proven to stay below the 0.3% threshold even as a final product. These varieties were obtained from Oregon CBD, an Oregon based Hemp Seed Supplier.

Family Operated

GCG Farms was formed in 2020 by three brothers. Their individual backgrounds in medicinal chemistry, construction, and economics have contributed to the strong plants they proudly grow and sell. 

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